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Travel advice: Is it better to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel room?

Due to the coronavirus, the travel industry is taking many precautions for everyone’s health and safety.  Health and safety should always be at the top of the list when traveling, but now more so than ever. When considering your options for travel, you might want to consider skipping the chain motel with many guests checking in and out daily.  Choose to stay in a vacation rental instead.  A vacation rental offers a more controlled environment with more privacy.

Here are 3 reasons why it could be safer to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel room during coronavirus COVID-19.

1) Your own kitchen in a vacation rental means more control over what you're preparing and eating.

Sure, you’ll have some great local choices in downtown Lindsborg and nearby Salina (carryout only!).  But there are some benefits of being able to cook your own meals or snacks in your own kitchen, which could prove especially helpful during these times.

By shopping into Scott's Hometown Foods to stock up for your stay with us, you'll know exactly what is going into your meal and how it’s prepared. Everything is within your control. 

2)  Hotel beds and carpets can attract germs and bacteria 

Did you know that while hotel/motel housekeeping vacuum and change the sheets after every stay, most of them don’t regularly launder the outer comforter? And aside from potentially dirty comforters and older, worn out carpets, public lobbies and meeting rooms can encourage germs and bacteria.

Vacation rentals welcome just you and those traveling with you.  There are no common areas, such as lobbies, narrow hallways or breakfast bars. That means you won't come into contact with other guests, because, well, there aren't any!  In our vacation rentals, you won't find outdated carpets - all of our properties have hard surface flooring that is scrupulously cleaned between each stay.  All of our properties always get a “deep clean” treatment with products from Branch Basics and with our new QCD Protocol.  All bedding is laundered by our cleaning staff that is experienced in serving only our vacation rentals.  And our properties have on-site laundry machines for your own use.

3). The air quality is better in your vacation rental than in a hotel room.

In a large hotel, you're sharing air ducts with all the hotel's other guests.  In our vacation rentals the heating and air conditioning are just for the property you're staying in.  You can control the air temperature and fan speed in your own vacation rental.  Feel free to sit out on the deck or patio or simply stroll through downtown Lindsborg or further afield to enjoy the outdoors.

When traveling to central Kansas and other parts of the Heartland, choose to stay at a vacation rental instead of a hotel room.  You'll have  more control over cleanliness, privacy, air quality and overall health and safety.  Being smart and safe is the best way to travel.

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