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How Booking Through Us Saves You Money

After we receive your request, we provide a quote to you.  This quote includes the total cost of the nightly rate plus a nonrefundable cleaning fee.  Because Trädhuset has only one bedroom, Vetehuset has two (Plantera and Skorda) and Stenhuset has two, our vacation rentals are not subject to transient guest taxes or sales taxes.  Good news for you!

Most guests looking for vacation rentals go to Airbnb,  VRBO, or TripAdvisor.  But you should know that booking through these companies will cost you more money than booking directly through us.  A lot more.

Airbnb charges a guest fee of between 6% to 12% above our rates.  But we decided to list with them because many travelers look at their site first.

VRBO and HomeAway charge a guest fee of between 5% to 12%.  

Keep in mind that guest fees are paid to the listing sites.  Not to us.

We accept major credit cards using a processing service called Stripe.  We do not pass this processing fee on to you.  If you are uncomfortable using credit cards over the Internet, please let the property manager know.

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